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Lollipop Lyra

Book a Lollipop Lyra Performance

Add a touch of elegance and excitement to your event with a mesmerizing lollipop lyra performance! Whether it's a corporate gala, wedding reception, or private party, our captivating performance will leave a lasting impression and elevate the atmosphere of your event to new heights. Let us bring the magic of aerial dance to your next event!"


Book A Party - Lollipop or Pole

Create unforgettable memories and celebrate special occasions with a Lollipop Lyra or Pole Party! Whether it's a birthday bash or bachelorette extravaganza, this unique party experience guarantees laughter, smiles, and perhaps even a few sore muscles! Gather your friends for an exhilarating and fun-filled celebration where you'll learn new skills, bond over shared experiences, and capture moments that will be cherished forever.


Commission an Act

🎪 Elevate Your Performance with a lollipop choreography made for you! ✨ Calling aerialists who want to take their performances to dazzling new heights! Let me help you to create an act that will leave a lasting impression. Let's take your vision and aerial artistry to the next level! 🌟


Book a Private Lollipop or Pole Lesson

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment with private lollipop or pole lessons! Whether you're a beginner seeking to build strength and confidence or an experienced enthusiast looking to refine your skills, our one-on-one sessions provide personalized instruction tailored to your goals and abilities Let's start your journey to aerial mastery!


Book a Flying Dress Photo Shoot

Get your very own flying dress, lollipop lyra or pole photos to mark your memorable experience in Sitges, Spain. ✨ Are you ready to capture the magic of a flying dress or some aerial artistry in stunning photographs? Look no further! Let's collaborate to plan the ultimate flying dress and lollipop lyra photoshoot that reflects your unique style and vision. Let's create magic together! 🌟


Commisson a Custom Made Costume

🎭 Unlock Your Imagination with a Custom Costume! I create costumes tailored to your unique vision, whether it's for themed parties, or special events. I'm passionate about transforming your ideas into reality, ensuring every stitch and detail reflects your individual style and personality. 

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