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chandra krown

performing artist

Meet Chandra Krown, a dedicated professional with a deep-rooted love for the arts and a journey that spans across three continents. As a performing artist, aerialist, acrobat, choreographer, and producer, she has had the privilege of captivating audiences internationally, exploring the boundless realms of multi-disciplinary dance and aerial arts.

With a foundation in ballet and a childhood passion for gymnastics, Chandra's diverse background shaped her into the exceptional artist she is today. Grateful for the opportunities that came her way, she spent time performing with esteemed dance companies in Vancouver, including the awe-inspiring Aeriosa Dance Society, where she enchanted audiences as a vertical dancer in theaters, on buildings, mountains and trees. Her collaborations with various local dance companies further enriched her artistic journey.

Her quest for growth and artistic exploration led her first to the Uinted States and then to Europe, where she embraced new experiences and shared her talents on international stages. In addition to her captivating performances, Chandra continued to refine her craft as a choreographer, costume maker, producer and film maker.

Throughout her artistic evolution, Chandra has also found inspiration in the breathtaking beauty of Hawaii. Spending meaningful time on the islands, she felt the enchantment of the production 'Ulalena' and immersed herself in the vibrant artistic scene. Embracing her passion for curating beautiful shows and experiences, she founded XtravaDance Productions, an endeavor that continues to showcase the magic of dance, aerial arts, and circus performances throughout the Hawaiian islands.

As she continues to explore new horizons, Chandra's humility and dedication shine through in her performances. Her artistic journey has been a testament to her unwavering commitment to her craft, always seeking to push the boundaries of creativity and storytelling. With her artistry, Chandra Krown's performances resonate with audiences worldwide, leaving a lasting impact wherever she ventures.

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