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Vertical Dance Film Maker Bio


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Chandra Krown is a visionary dance artist, film maker, and creator, whose artistic journey has been characterized by a unique perspective on movement and space. With a wealth of experience in her repertoire, she has emerged as a seasoned professional with a focus on vertical dance film making.
Over the past few years, Chandra has dedicated herself to honing her skills in dance film making through immersive courses at esteemed institutions such as UC Berkeley and Dance Camera West. She has also drawn inspiration and knowledge from the guidance and mentorship of Katrina McPherson and recently from Adi Halfin.
As a seasoned practitioner of vertical dance on buildings and trees, alongside her accomplishments as an aerialist and acrobat, Chandra brings a dynamic approach to her work as a choreographer and multi-disciplinary performance artist. Her versatility in various disciplines enriches her films with a captivating interplay of movement and visual storytelling.
Moreover, Chandra's flair as a costume designer adds an extra layer of meticulous attention to detail and distinctive style to her performances, elevating them to a whole new level of artistic expression.
Dedicated to her craft, Chandra's passion for collaboration drives her artistic endeavors. She constantly seeks to infuse depth and meaning into her creations, aiming to evoke profound emotions and reflections in her audience. Her unwavering commitment to her artistic path is evident in every frame of her films, and her ability to inspire others through her work serves as a true testament to her exceptional talent and creative vision.
In the world of dance film making, Chandra Krown's unique perspective and innovative approach continue to captivate audiences, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of contemporary dance and visual storytelling.

 Courage to fly .png

Courage to Fly

Feature length Vertical Dance Film


Vertical Dance ScreenDance Portfolio

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