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Costume Designer


I'm Chandra, a seasoned costume maker with a passion for transforming imagination into reality. My journey in the world of sewing began at the tender age of 10, under the guidance of my beloved grandmother. The rich tapestry of passion and ingenuity she wove into my young mind laid the foundation for a lifelong pursuit of creativity.

In high school I completed my Dress GCSE at Chesham High School in England. As my heart gravitated towards the enchanting world of costumes rather than mainstream fashion, I did not goto ‘fashion school’ Instead, I chose to follow the path of ‘live and learn’ over formal studies.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of crafting bespoke costumes that breathe life into a myriad of performances. From corporate events featuring stilt walkers, dancers, aerialists, and fire dancers to collaborations with esteemed Vancouver production companies for theater productions, my work has grown and evolved over the years.

During my years in Hawaii, I also lent my skills to local 665, working in the costume department for productions shot in Hawaii. I was also a key dresser for the acclaimed Hamilton musical.

I am commited to excellence and am excited to transform people into characters with costumes and my positive energy and creative vision.

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